JMK Wealth Advisors prides itself on being different than other financial firms. Through a combination of fee-based comprehensive financial planning, on-demand financial education and fiduciary guidance, we separate ourselves from the competition.

FEE-BASED FINANCIAL PLANNING: We do better when our clients do better, aligning our interests and providing pricing transparency. It also limits the industry’s inherent conflicts of interest: we don’t make any commission by selling products, so when we recommend something for your plan, you can be confident it’s in your best interest.

COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL PLANNING: Your financial situation is viewed in its entirety, the way it needs to be for suitable advice and guidance. Strong investment advice is important, but without understanding tax implications, considering your goals or ensuring your assets are properly secured, it often falls short. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional financial advice and transforms the process to better position you for success.

ON-DEMAND FINANCIAL EDUCATION: A detailed explanation or financial education is always available when needed, to instill confidence and trust in our recommendations. We want you to be understand why we make our recommendations, how they can improve your situation and what other alternatives are available. This facilitates open communication and client involvement, allowing us to explore different scenarios before implementing your plan.

FIDUCIARY GUIDANCE: Fiduciary duty is a requirement of the CFP® certification, and a principle upon which JMK Wealth advisors was founded. Fiduciaries always place the client’s interests above our own, without exception. We are legally and ethically bound to uphold this duty of trust, a responsibility we proudly assume. To abide by the CFP® Board’s standards, this also includes the duty of loyalty, the duty of care and the duty to follow client instructions.